Center Inauguration!

The Center officially opened Sunday, March 17th, 2013 with a church service for the Center kids and their parents, and enrollment for classes.  David Quiroga (and his family) worked like crazy to make it possible, taking care of the last minute details, fixing bathrooms and painting window frames.


David and the new Center


one of The Center moms and her husband

A fair amount of parents came to the church service, which was encouraging to see their interest in the spiritual side of The Center.

IMG_6292We sang songs, David shared a devotional and a short history of The Center and why we do what we do, and then we all enjoyed cake and punch together as a community.


praying for The Center team members

Then we went outside and each kid was given a helium balloon.  We prayed over The Center and then everyone let go of their balloons at the same time.



IMG_6339The moms got almost as big a kick out of it as the kids did!


Center teacher Laura enrolling students

We enrolled kids 1st grade thru 4th grade, almost filling to capacity 1 class of each grade and 2 3rd grades.


Center teacher Katie enrolling students

Parents were excited that classes were starting up again, and even though the kids tried to disguise it, they were excited, too.



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