Center interns


Scott & Brittany

We’ve had many short term interns at The Center volunteer team over the past 4 years.  Most volunteers have come May-July, although we’ve had several others come for longer chunks of time as well.  Below are two interns who helped at The Center in 2013.  For more stories and information about being at intern at The Center, go to:

IMG_5371Scott helped out in one of the 3rd grade classrooms as a tutor, snack distributor and rough-houser.  The boys in 3rd grade were glad to have a male in the classroom, and he was a real help with high needs kids in 3rd grade.

Brittany worked with all the kids at The Center to prepare a special handmade flower basket for their moms on Mother’s Day (May 27th in Bolivia).  She also helped tutor the first graders and pass out/prepare snack.  Her upbeat attitude and easygoing nature was been a great addition to the team!

DSC_1687Being an intern is a great way to support the work of The Center.  Aside from the $100/mo each intern gives to the work of The Center, their help and support are invaluable.  There are so many ways to plug in, depending on levels of Spanish.  We’ve had help with planning and leading VBS, crafts and art projects, medical needs and health workshops, extra labor at the construction site, one-on-one tutoring…  We’re happy to use whatever gifts and abilities each intern brings to the team!  If you’re interested in being an intern with The Center for 2 months- 1 year, click here.


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