The girl who can’t stop reading


Arminda has an insatiable desire to learn.  When she was in fourth grade, she would stay inside from recess to read, or if she was forced outside, she’d take a book with her.  Whenever there was a parent meeting, Arminda would tag along with her mom and then ask for a stack of books to read while she waited outside.


Once The Center borrowing library program began, Arminda was the first to sign up, reading a chapter book a day and returning it to check out a new book the next day.  She quickly read through all the books in her class, borrowing books from other classrooms until she finished all the books available to her at The Center.  It was Arminda’s ravenous appetite for books that helped drive The Center’s reading program. The Center community was transformed from a neighborhood without books to streets with kids walking home, heads buried in their borrowed books, scarcely paying attention to where they walked.img_2779

Arminda graduated from The Center at the end of 2016, but passed on her love for books and reading to her younger sister, Veronica, who enrolled at The Center when she was in first grade.


Veronica (middle) reading to her two classmates